this list is going to be very heartfelt/emotional for me and it's all a true story.
  1. she said "no" to taking a picture with me at disneyland
    okay, she didn't personally say it herself, she just stood there and smiled all cute while her security guard told me no. (during the amount of time she was standing there smiling, casually signaling her security to answer my "will you take a picture with me" question so she wouldn't have to, we could've so totally snapped a quick selfie)
  2. she informed those of us who bought meet and greet tickets which day it would be on THE DAY BEFORE its supposed to happen, and now i can't go. thanks dem dem!
    no further explanation. except who does she think she is that she can just go around having a meet and greet at a not-so-casual 1pm??????? like BYE.
  3. that's it because other than that she's flawless