many people are stuck in the patterns of their youth, clinging to beliefs they absorbed from their teachers and parents, never fully realizing what is right in front of them. here are the facts most people are afraid to see.
  1. There is no "shaming protocol" where you have to relive embarrassing moments in front of the spirits of the people in your life.
    Grow up. People are generally really cool in the after-life. If you even try to bring up some touchy subject they're like "no way, do not even worry about it," and like "we were all into some weird stuff back there, but now things are different, it's not a big deal"
  2. When you die you aren't reunited with your favorite possessions.
    Don't be a child. You think your jeans want to hang with you catching up on old times. Wrong.
  3. You're sort of busy
    Stop being so naive. You don't get to take it easy for the whole time! Just false.
  4. People still correct your grammar.
    Never ends.