1. This is awesome.
  2. What the fuck was that noise?
  3. We really need this.
  4. Oh right, thunder. Is thunder normally that loud? I mean, that felt really loud for thunder.
  5. Fuck you, drought. We're getting water for free!
  6. I live on the top floor of this three story building, am I going to get struck by lightning?
  7. Free car wash.
  8. This is the apocalypse.
  9. What if this never stopped. Could this be a biblical flood? Have I done good in my life?
  10. Damn, my cat is freaking out. It's just because he's an idiot. Or, maybe he knows something I don't know. Like, instinctually, with cat ESP.
  11. I wonder if my indie improv show is going to be called for rain.