My girlfriend was watching it on TBS and I got sucked in. Also, I'm a huge softee.
  1. The Opening Credits
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    I just forgot what a good movie this is and now I remembered.
  2. The Kid Calls In
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    Jonah! Tom Hanks is mad, but only a little. Then he realizes how much his son cares about him. How could you not love this!
  3. When Meg Ryan stops at the diner and everyone points at the radio to turn it up at the same time.
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    I love it when everyone is on the same page. I cry during the opening ceremony at the Olympics for the same reason.
  4. When Meg hears Tom talk about his wife...
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    "Well, how long is your program?" "I knew it the first time I touched her... It was like coming home." "Then after a while I won't have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breath in and out."
  5. This establishing shot
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    Okay, I know. But, it's more than that. It's right after he gets off the radio and Jonah falls asleep in his lap. A boat passes their awesome waterfront house and we stay on the shot long enough to watch it cross the whole screen. Why? SETTING UP A MOTIF, BABY! They're going to be passing each other like ships in the night.... Just like this literal ship in the night.
  6. Carrying his kid up to bed after watching New Year's on TV
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    He's such a good Dad. What? Are we all supposed to love him?
  7. They replay the radio part??
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    Meg Ryan gets out of bed and turns on the radio and GUESS WHAT? They're playing a "best of Dr. Marcia" and we have to hear Hanks talk about how much he loves his wife again. AGAIN? WTF Ephron? That's cheating! (Also side note: Bill Pullman plays Meg's overly allergic milquetoast fiancé; if cast today this part would be played by Zach Woods)
  8. When Meg Ryan looks up Hanks
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    Okay, this part didn't make me cry, but I forgot about what a fucking creep Meg is in this scene. Yes, technically she's a journalist -- but we all know she's not listening to her lady boner to chase a Pulitzer.
  9. The airport
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    Hanks is literally saying "there's no such thing as a perfect..." And then she gets off the plane. Total strangers! Coincidence! Ships in the night!
  10. "And all I could say was hello"
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    When they make contact for the first time and Meg Ryan almost gets hit by a taxi and all she could say was hello and then she tells Rosie and Its just like An Affair To Remember which JUST HAPPENS TO BE PLAYING ON THE TV BECAUSE GOD DAMNIT NORA EPHRON HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BREAK ME SO GOOS
  11. "This is the one I like!"
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    Jonah knows that Annie is perfect for his dad and they have a fight and then he runs away.
  12. Hanks fights for a cab
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    I wish I could explain why this made me tear up. I think it's just the anticipation of the big finish at this point. They're all in New York. Jonah is alone on the observation deck; Meg and Pullman are at dinner with a perfect view of the Empire State Building and she "has to tell him something." All the dominoes are lined up.
  13. "It's a sign."
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  14. "What if I couldn't get to you?"
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  15. "Sorry ma'am, you're too late."
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    But then he lets her anyway because "Cary Grant, right? It's my wife's favorite movie."
  16. Oh fuck! I forgot they miss each other in the elevators!
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  17. Also, this is the Stan Lee cameo all you Marvel fans have been waiting for.
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  18. Oh fuck.
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  19. Oh fuck.
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  20. Oh fuck!
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  21. "It's you."
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  22. "We better go."
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  23. Hell yes.
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  24. Yes yes yes
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  25. They did it! We did it!
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  26. Oh man oh man this was a wild ride.
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