I had just discovered the opposite sex, and this was my babe pantheon.
  1. Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik)
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    I mean, obviously, right? Who didn't have a thing for this girl next door doused with GC-161 / Capri Sun super powers. Don't think for a second this crush wasn't rekindled as an adult when Alex... er... Larisa popped up as the future Mrs. Cosgrove on Mad Men.
  2. Annie Mack (Meredith Bishop)
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    Okay, so here is where my tastes differed from most SNICK watching ten-year-olds. I had a nearly equal sized crush on Alex Mack's bookish older sister. I guess there was just something about a super smart science nerd. I think she also reminded me of a friend's older sister I had a crush on.
  3. Allison (Vinessa Shaw), the love interest in Hocus Pocus
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    Pretty much the two types of girls I had crushes on were cute and nerdy brunettes and All-American girl next door blondes. This was the latter. Embarrassingly, I don't remember anything about her character except the guy had to sleep (just sleep, it was a Disney movie) with her and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.
  4. Catherine Keener
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    I can't figure out what movie or TV show I would have seen her in when I was that age (Malkovich wouldn't come out for a few years), but I've had a huge crush on Catherine Keener since before I can remember.
  5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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    Even as a kid I was a big Seinfeld fan, but it wasn't until I found some sexy (to me as a ten year old but ultimately very tame) photos of JLD in a TV Guide my parents left lying around that I really started paying attention.
  6. Cassandra (Tia Carerre), Wayne's World
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  7. Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey (Christina Ricci), Casper
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    Once she put on that full coverage lace white dress it was all over. Side note: Bill Pullman is equally dreamy in this flick (and always).
  8. Connie (Marguerite Moreau), The Mighty Ducks
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    Connie aka "The Velvet Hammer" was as tough as any of the other ducks but her long braid and jorts let you know she was still a lady. This was the beginning of a Marguerite Moreau crush that has never gone away. Total babe.