Stress manifests itself physically in our bodies. Learning to pay attention to my breathing and where I hold tension has been a game changer for me! Feel free to borrow portions of this script to say to yourself throughout the day, or ask a loved one to read it to you out loud. This is intended to go slowly, so long pauses should be incorporated.
  1. The purpose of this time to learn to simply be.
  2. As we get started, I’ll ask that you sit in a comfortable, relaxed position with both feet on the ground.
  3. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so.  If you don’t, simply find a fixed point on the floor/table in front of you and let your eyes relax onto that point.
  4. Allow yourself, give yourself permission, to move from the usual mode of doing – to a mode of non-doing.
  5. Of simply being.
  6. Noticing that as soon as you ease into this posture, things begin to settle.
  7. Our attention that was dispersed, involved in this and that, has now come inward.
  8. Noticing that there isn’t really anything we have to do for this settling to happen – it just happens naturally.
  9. So, noticing that settling now.
  10. ...
  11. As you allow your body to become still, bring your attention to the fact that you are breathing.
  12. Become aware of the movement of your breath as it comes into your body – and, as it leaves your body.
  13. Not manipulating the breath in any way or trying to change it.
  14. Simply being aware of it.
  15. Feeling the abdomen as it expands gently on the in-breath – as it falls back towards your spine on the outbreath.
  16. Being completely here in each moment with each breath.
  17. Not trying to do anything, not trying to get any place, simply being with your breath.
  18. ...
  19. You will find that from time to time your mind will wander off into thoughts, fantasies, anticipations of the future or the past, worrying, memories, etc...
  20. When you notice that your attention is no longer here and no longer with your breathing – do not judge yourself.
  21. Simply bring your attention back to your breathing, and ride the waves of your breathing.
  22. ...
  23. Sensing now if there are any places in your body where you are holding tension physically...
  24. Perhaps in your jaw or in your shoulders or in your stomach.
  25. Noticing how those areas feel.
  26. Maybe there is tension in your forehead or around the outer edges of your eyes.
  27. Wherever in your body you notice tension or any kind of pressure or holding…
  28. Very gently, see if you can allow a softening to enter that area.
  29. Letting go and allowing release.
  30. Giving your body permission to relax.
  31. ...
  32. Taking notice of any thoughts that are moving through your awareness.
  33. And rather than getting involved in the thoughts...
  34. Just observing each one as simply a thought – and letting it be here without pursuing it or without rejecting it.
  35. Letting the thoughts just come and go as you sit and dwell in stillness – witnessing them and observing them.
  36. Seeing them linger and dissolve.
  37. Being still, in this moment, with your breath…
  38. ...Breathing in... and breathing out...