A stream of consciousness list from some old writing.
  1. Boiling.
  2. Consuming.
  3. Surges. Waves. The sea.
  4. The kettle on the stove.
  5. The heaving marinara sauce.
  6. The way your muscles squeeze themselves.
  7. The way your words detach from your mind.
  8. The vows you make of what you'll never do or say again.
  9. The armor you wear to keep it from repeating.
  10. The steady simmer.
  11. The low flame.
  12. The coals that lie ready to be raked.
  13. Oil poured onto water.
  14. Your thoughts suffocated with smoke.
  15. The sputtering into each day.
  16. War plans alongside despair.
  17. The weariness of keeping it all going.