For anyone who struggles with this...
  1. Don't ask for something and then take it back.
    Example: "I was wondering if you would mind picking me up from work tomorrow - but only if it's not too much trouble!"
  2. Avoid questions or statements that contain vague words, like "possibly" or "maybe" or "not sure" or "perhaps."
    Example: "Can we maybe set up a meeting sometime to talk about this?"
  3. Don't withhold praise or another normal behavior for an underlying purpose.
    Example: Deciding intentionally not to share a compliment for a job well done because you're angry about something else the person did.
  4. Stop apologizing unnecessarily.
    Example: "Really sorry to bother you about this, but..."
  5. Avoid unnecessary justifications.
    Example: "I only bring this up, because XYZ..."
  6. Don't make excuses/blame someone else instead of taking personal ownership or giving constructive feedback.
    Example: "I actually think you would be a great fit for this project - but others didn't - so I'm sorry, unfortunately we had to give the opportunity to someone else."
  7. Don't make promises that you know you can't fulfill.
    Example: "We should definitely get together! I'll call you soon." (When you know you won't.)
  8. Avoid taking a roundabout route to get to your point.
    Example: "So she has been pretty sick and he said his friend is having an emergency. I would love to help, but I'm bad at math. So here we are and I'm not sure how we are going to get this done! Haha, you know?"
  9. Avoid people-pleasing and saying things to someone directly that aren't in line with what you're saying about them to others.
    Self-explanatory. We are better than this!