Progression of thoughts over time after getting my hair cut significantly shorter.
  1. Minutes after: This is amazing! My head feels like a cloud!
  2. The next morning after looking in the mirror: Ah! I don't recognize myself.
  3. Two days later: What did I do...
  4. The next couple days at work: Yes, yes I got a haircut. And by "cute," I know you think that I look like I'm giving up.
  5. Three days later: Why am I so bad at styling my hair? Carmen made me look like a model - but she'd be appalled if she saw me now.
  6. Four days later: I can't put my hair up. I guess I won't go to the gym.
  7. One week later: Wow, I'm saving minutes in my morning routine washing/drying my hair...
  8. Ten days later, going through old photos: How did I never notice how ratty my hair looked before? Long hair kind of made me look like a child too.
  9. Two weeks later: My hair is meant to be this length! I am the best version of myself right now!
  10. Eight weeks later: I'm sick of how my hair looks. I need to call Carmen.