Sometimes I feel like I need to explain myself, but I love it.🌹
  1. It's an interesting psychological experiment.
    Twenty-six women living together and vying for the attention of one man. How in the world does this pave the way for a strong marriage? I don't know, but I'm still watching.
  2. All of the travel!
    I love seeing all of the cool places they go around the world.
  3. You get used to the template of the show and it's comforting.
    The strange characters in the opening show, the building drama, the helicopter rides, the one who is consumed with jealousy, the one who you don't understand why he likes, the one who you don't understand why he sends home, the awkward Chris Harrison advice, hometown dates, fantasy suites, Neil Lane, etc!
  4. You get to know the people and they keep coming back!
    I know this is what ABC is trying to do... and it works on me.
  5. Some of the couples make you excited about true love.
    Like Sean and Catherine.
  6. I started reading spoilers.
    Spoilers take it to an even more fun level in my opinion, making me wonder why ABC edits things certain ways and how everything gets to the end I read about.