I know many people don't like New Year's. It can be expensive, overhyped, etc etc. I really love NYE though and the turn of the year. Here's why. 🎉🍾
  1. Sequins and glamour
    I love how it's totally acceptable and encouraged to wear sequined, sparkly attire. Any other time of year, this is tacky and out of place. But NYE is a glamorous and celebratory occasion.
  2. Champagne, Prosecco, & other bubbly drinks
    Similarly, I love bubbly wine and this is THE time to drink it! I drink bubbly year-round on mundane nights, but it finds a true home on NYE. Cheers!
  3. Recaps!
    I love all of the recap lists and videos that come out from the media during the last few weeks of the year. The top songs, best movies, memorable moments, and more. It's fun and even moving to remember these things.
  4. Reflecting on the past year
    More personally, New Year's provides a great opportunity to reflect on your own year - maybe through reading old journals or flipping through your calendar of events. It's a time to pause and learn from the past twelve months.
  5. A new start
    And maybe the past twelve months weren't great. That's okay. A new calendar year means a second chance and a brand new start!
  6. Goal-setting
    For those of us who love lists, now is the peak time of year for writing out resolutions and goals. You are more likely to achieve what you write down, so get to work and list out what you plan to make happen in the new year!
  7. Staying up late
    Great for night owls like me!
  8. A day off
    It's so wonderful that after a late night of celebration, many get New Year's Day off to sleep in and ease back into life. Hooray!
  9. Traditions
    I love learning about how other countries and cultures celebrate the new year. My family is Greek and we make a special bread each year called vasilopita. My mom bakes a coin in the bread and whoever finds the coin in their piece gets good luck for the coming year!
  10. The anticipation of the NYE countdown
    Whether you're at home watching the ball drop or at a huge party, the countdown to midnight feels like a magical moment. Remember 1999-2000 when the world felt like it might end? Or maybe there were years when you were anticipating a midnight kiss from someone special? Even if you're just waiting for the calendar year to turn, the countdown is a sacred time.
  11. Happy New Year!!
    Hope you enjoy the night and all that the turn of the year brings.