I like a good wine and food pairing as much as the next person, but sometimes I am more concerned about which wine fits best with my current surroundings vs. what I'm eating.  Here are some thoughts on good wine and scene combinations.
  1. Pinot Grigio at a Wedding
    Pinot Grigio, to me, tastes pretty bland regardless of the price point.  If I'm at a wedding or a formal work event, Pinot Grigio is a good choice because I probably won't be disappointed if it's cheap and more importantly, my teeth won't turn red.
  2. Sauvignon Blanc at the Beach
    My favorite Sauvignon Blancs are aged in steel and taste like citrus.  I love a cold, refreshing Sauv Blanc when I'm at the beach, because the lemon/lime flavors are even better with the heat and salt in the air.
  3. Prosecco at a Weeknight Happy Hour
    I like drinking Prosecco after work, because not only does it help you maintain professionalism by avoiding red wine teeth, but it's a great way to have a mini celebration that the work day is over! It also makes you look classy and is a good conversation starter. You can say interesting things like, "Prosecco is the new beer!" Of course, Prosecco works well for really any kind of celebration.
  4. Chardonnay in Desperate Situations
    Because I have only met a few Chardonnays that I liked, especially when oaked...
  5. Dry Rosé while Dining Outdoors in the Summer
    Rosé has become the perfect summer choice over the past few years.  It's fun to have a pink drink of course and the chill makes it refreshing in the heat.  Sparkling rosé is a nice celebratory wine when brunching with girlfriends in the summer too.
  6. Zinfandel with Netflix
    I love Zinfandel with my TV shows, because it's a comfy, versatile wine that sticks with me through many episodes.  (Zinfandel also pairs well with TV since it's good with pizza!)
  7. Cabernet Franc with the Christmas Season
    Many people can drink Cab Franc year-round, but I prefer it in December.  The intense pepper notes are a personal favorite of mine during the Christmas season, when we're adding spices to all sorts of things.  When it's getting cold outside, I can't think of anything better than some Cab Franc in front of the fireplace.
  8. Merlot with a Good Book
    Supportive and unassuming, a glass of Merlot will continue to be there as I turn page after page of a good book.  Merlots do a great job adding to the reading experience and not detracting.
  9. Cabernet Sauvignon on Valentine's Day
    A nice Cab Sauv is a special wine and it deserves the right context to be enjoyed.  Cab Sauvs work well for any romantic evening, particularly in the Fall, Winter, or early Spring.  If I drink it in the summer, it needs to be after the sun goes down or maybe after I've had a lighter red wine first.
  10. Malbec with Good Friends on a Snowy Day
    I know that the best Malbecs come from Argentina, but I prefer a different climate when drinking this wine. Malbecs can be so hearty and intense that I think they are best to consume indoors, while snuggling up with your best friends and watching the snow fall.