Balancing grad school and a job can be tough.
  1. Your professor announces that there will be a "party" on the last day of class and passes a potluck sign-up sheet around. You automatically begin to write "wine" then realize that is not okay in school...
    I wish I could have a drink with this lecture.
  2. You find yourself getting into "I’m busier than you" arguments with classmates.
    Maybe I don't have kids, but I have a full-time job and have to commute longer, blah blah blah. We're all doing so much!
  3. Vending machines don't seem as great now as they did in undergrad.
    I'm an adult now and all I really want is some Perrier or apricots. Is that too much to ask?
  4. Your Saturday night is free and you couldn't be more excited to have time to get your life together!
    Though in reality, you will probably just catch up on your DVR and @list.
  5. So many emails!
    In class, you get distracted by work emails. Your personal Gmail is a mess. Your classmates are blowing up your school email while you're at work.
  6. Your significant other seems to have so much free time. They are becoming super fit and their social life is thriving!
    Meanwhile, you start to notice that there is an indentation in the couch where you sit each night with a textbook and popcorn.
  7. BUT... you're more driven than ever.
    You're in school. You're in the working world. You have experience, direction, and though your schedule may be insane, you are definitely making the MOST out of life right now!