We all know the agony of the "friend zone", but do you know about these other relationship zones?
  1. Stranger Zone
    When a hottie you've never seen before and will never see again gets on the elevator with you and says 'Hi'.
  2. Acquaintance Zone
    The weird looking guy that sits in the corner cubicle you ask for help when the copier jams.
  3. Newlywed Zone
    When you nauseate the rest of the world with your PDA.
  4. Old Married Couple Zone
    When all you do is bicker, but you don't want to bicker with anyone else.
  5. Creeper Zone
    The cyber stalker that asks a celebrity out on a date. @Debby will you marry me?
  6. Stranger Things Zone
    When a girl with a shaved head and telekinetic powers helps you rescue your friend from the Other Side. OR when said celebrity likes said cyber stalker's list.