I'm Jacqueline Gabriel. I'm sixteen. I'm okay, not that great.
  1. I'm born on January 8, 1999
    A legend was born on this date. Me. And Elvis Presley.
  2. I was named after Jacqueline Kennedy
    When my mom was younger she resembled Jacqueline Kennedy and everyone would call her Jacqueline because of this.
  3. My first language is French
    I go to an all French school. Everything I've ever learned in my entire life was taught in French, sometimes even English class.
  4. I'm Canadian.
    Explains why I'm not even the slightest bit rude or annoying. 😘👍🏼
  5. I've done ballet for 13 years
    This year will be my 14th year.
  6. I am a very indecisive person
    Sometimes, not all times. Maybe most times.
  7. I have a photo album on my phone dedicated to great pictures of dogs
    It's an album of 564 pictures of dogs I do not know or own.
  8. I hate Jell-O
    I really wish I liked it
  9. I sing alot
    That doesn't mean I'm good at it lol
  10. I'm a very punctual person
  11. I have three sisters
    I'm the second oldest. It's great because you can be in charge only when you want to be.
  12. I like to read and write
    Someday I'd like to write my own book of short stories.
  13. I'm good at guessing the time
    Very convenient. Another reason why I'm a very punctual person.
  14. I'm a massive fan of Michael Bublé
    He's the greatest. I'm sure.
  15. I admire Mariah Carey
    She's the queen of Christmas and I live for her shade and subtle passive aggressive hints. She's the greatest diva I know.
  16. I don't have a favourite anything.
    I like certain things more than others, for sure, but I don't have a favourite colour, movie, animal or letter (because that's a thing?). It's odd, I know.
  17. Favourite Tv Show
    The Office. Remember when I said I don't have a favourite anything? Well I doubt that I do, but my favourite Tv Show is The Office.