What makes any of these worth remembering is that he never has context to anything he says. He just says these things out of nowhere and he's mostly serious about it.
  1. "I have Aspergers, stop laughing it's not a disease for the ass"
    He doesn't have Aspergers.
  2. "Maybe Jesus was black, maybe that's where I come from"
  3. "Did y'all know the holocaust never happened?" Me: Cory, you're not allowed to say that.
    Cory: "Think about it, none of the survivors spoke about their experiences until recently." Me: you're wrong, just make sure you don't say this in public.
  4. Say one more word and I promise I will suck your soul. I will do it.
    None of us said anything. And we thought he was joking but his tone said otherwise. This was also one of my first encounters with him, and I really believed him. (He didn't say this to me)
  5. Am I the lion king? Was I ever the lion king?
  6. I have 14 months to live. The doctor sent me an email. I've decided to go yolo. Live life, children.
    He's perfectly healthy.
  7. *points to an Asian guy in my class* "you're like Chang from Community"
  8. *Recites the opening line of Forest Gump*
  9. We didn't have floor tiles back then. Felix: then what did they have?
    Cory: Feet.
  10. I'm not like the other students, because I'm a lot older then them, maybe even younger then them too, they're all children in a man's world.
  11. Bye peoples! See you next week.
    *comes back 2 minutes later because the teacher told him to*
  12. How many lates do I have in this class? Oh my god, I can't go to detention, I'll die. Do you know what they do to people like me?
  13. I, personally as a teacher hate it when teachers put "none of the above" on a test
    He's not a teacher.
  14. Bro, you can't talk to me like that. Do you even know who I am? I'm the Flash.
  15. Teacher: I'll be back in a minute
    Cory: I might not be here.
  16. Today is not my day. Today is not my day to assassinate Obama, I'm clear. I'll take a nap instead.
  17. I'm very sensitive about my weight. What's your pant size Felix?
  18. I'm not as random as you think I am you'd know this if you could understand my mind. Are you willing to understand the mind of someone who has ADHD? It sounds fun, but for how long are you willing to try?
    I'll admit, this was somewhat interesting. However he does not have ADHD.