1. If you spent 50$ on a plain white t-shirt
    I'll slap you.
  2. When you try to convince me my French accent is québécois instead of Parisienne
    Je meurs un peu à l'intérieur.
  3. If you carry your dog in your purse
    This isn't the early 2000's and you are not Paris Hilton.
  4. If you call yourself a wallflower
    Congratulations! You ruined everything.
  5. If you try to take credit for a joke you found online
    Chances are I read it 3 weeks before you. Not only did I assume that you were unfunny and unoriginal, but now I can confirm it.
  6. If you own a chihuahua?
    Chihuahuas have so much attitude, it's really unheard of.
  7. If you gossip about other people
    If you talk bad about someone I will think bad of you, not of the person you're talking about.
  8. If you're not a feminist?
    If you're a girl and you're not a feminist then make sure you don't go to work or school tomorrow!😘💖 Without feminism you'd still be in a kitchen and denied access to pursue higher education.
  9. If you praise a guy for being a decent human being.
    Oh, you don't think a woman's only purpose in life is to make you sandwiches? Bravo! A+