I stayed up studying all night for my biology test. My entire life is made up of bad decisions. I haven't slept in 2 days.
  1. I stayed up studying all night yet couldn't retain a lot of information.
    I'm an A student in bio. I couldn't remember anything.
  2. While writing I often found myself writing something completely different then what I had in mind.
    And then once I erased it I kept rewriting my mistake. How convenient!
  3. I found myself getting pissed off real quickly.
    "Step on the back of my shoe oNE MORE TIME."- Me about to fight a seventh grader.
  4. I almost took a pizza out of the oven without a glove
    WHO does that. Yes, I burned my hand.
  5. I was so tired it felt as if I weren't tired at all?
    I had the opportunity to sleep for 45 minutes (on my bus ride to school), but didn't take it because I didn't feel like I was tired enough.
  6. I can't formulate proper sentences
    I'm having difficulty conveying my thoughts into words.
  7. I literally can't process anything.
    My friend was trying to talk to me and I was the equivalent of a piece of bread.
  8. I drank lots of coffee.
    9 cups in two days! Haha I'm not crazy, I'm perfectly normal and everything is wonderful, thank you very much!
  9. @ me
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  10. I fell asleep while writing this list.
    I woke up, opened my phone and found this list half written.
  11. I haven't brushed my hair in a week.
    This is not from sleep deprivation though.