"It's the light of Christmas shining through, our eyes, our smiles, you know it could shine on through, all the good that we do for the people that don't have it so good"
  1. Volunteer
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    Whether it be at a food bank, a hospital, helping a friend out, volunteering is really important.
  2. Make sandwiches for the homeless
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    This is something great that you can do with friends and family. Make sandwiches (I'd say around 70) and personally hand it out to the homeless. We also put two cookies in a plastic bag, and wrote encouraging messages on a piece of paper and sealed everything in a brown paper bag.
  3. Donate
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    Whether it be money, food, clothes or toys, donate to Salvation Army or an organization that you know is worth donating to.
  4. Knit
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    It gets cold outside!This year, my friends and family are knitting scarves, hats, and gloves to give to the homeless. Knitting a hat or a scarf is not only a great gift but it shows the recipient that you spent time to make them something.
  5. Sing
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    Go Christmas carolling. If it's too cold to go door to door then organize an event where you visit elderly homes and sing Christmas songs. Often times their families forget about them and they are lonely. I did this last year and did this throughout my childhood and the elderly get really excited for events like this.
  6. Put your damn coins in the Salvation Army buckets
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    Once in the 5th grade I put my allowance in a bucket and the guy with the bucket stopped me and talked to me. I can't remember what he said, but he talked about tomato seeds and how you have to plant them so that they can grow. And your tomatoes will end up good depending on how well you take care of them. It was metaphoric.
  7. Leave a generous tip
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    If you're going out to eat maybe leave a bigger tip then you'd usually leave.
  8. Give a gift to your neighbour(s)
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    Yes, even if you don't know them. It'll be a great way to do what's been long overdue, which is to introduce yourself. Make them a pie or send them a box of candy canes. Pinterest has great ideas for gifts you can give to neighbours.
  9. Give your teacher a gift
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    This applies to high school students and probably college students as well. Don't make it seem like you're giving them a gift in order to get your grades up (even if you totally are ,because same). Thank them for teaching you.
  10. Help your friends and family
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    Sometimes this doesn't seem like a given. Have your friends and family been a little down lately? Ask them about, and if they open up to you, just listen.
  11. Organize an even with the children/youth in your community
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    Personally, when I was younger the older generations from our church prepared activities for us, such as making sandwiches for the homeless, crafts, singing etc. (We really liked it)
  12. Pay for the person behind you
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    When you're getting your morning coffee offer to anonymously pay a coffee for the one or two people behind you.
  13. Buy a cup of coffee for someone you'll never meet (Suspended Coffee)
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    Ask your coffee shop if they offer suspended coffees. Basically, the customer offers to pay for two coffees and only takes one. At the end of the day, someone who's less fortunate can get a free coffee on your part. "Suspended Coffee" has been a long standing tradition in Italy that increased popularity after WW2.
  14. Say a prayer
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    Open your heart out to God. Tell Him any heartache you've been through and ask Him to listen to you and guide you. And when you're done talking about your problems, pray for someone else.