My name is Jacqueline. This leads to numerous opportunities for great and not so great nicknames.. Here we go
  1. Jaco
    First given nickname. Every single member of my family likes to take credit for coming up with the name, I don't know which one of them to believe. This nickname embarrassed me when I was younger but now I love it.
  2. Jackie
    This is the nickname I loved as a kid, ironically I now hate it and am now glad I never asked my family to call me Jackie instead of Jaco even though I wanted them to.
  3. Jackie Chan
    Second grade.. You get it
  4. Jack o lantern
    Every unoriginal person who thinks they're funny calls me this.
  5. Jack Jack
    Only my best friend called me this in the sixth grade.. However I never liked it and the day I told her how I felt about it she got mad. I can't believe I made a big deal out of it and neither can she.. Which is why she brings it up sometimes in a joking manner.
  6. Jack
    Not my favourite. but it's used by most of my friends. It varies between Jack and Jaco.
  7. Gagline
    .. Let's not (but if we must, basically if you reverse the first letter of my last name with the first letter of my first name this is what you get) it's confusing and I don't care for it. Just read the next one.
  8. Gackline
    ... Just continue to the next one
  9. Jayquelin
    Remember "The Greatest Substitute Teacher Sketch" with Key and Peele on Comedy Central..? Yeah.
  10. Yacko
  11. Yack Attack
  12. Yackline
  13. Gabriel
    My last name is Gabriel which confuses teachers into thinking it's my first name.. It's all good though
  14. My sisters names
    People confuse me for my sisters all the time!! It's great!! So much fun!