Unrelated to the actual courses, more like life lessons and things I've picked up on.
  1. Blame any absence on a family or dental emergency.
    No further questions asked.
  2. If you ever need to go to the bathroom but your teachers have a strict rule, then ask if you can go take your medications.
    I don't even ask to go to the bathroom anymore because this one is too good.
  3. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  4. No one knows what they're doing
    We're just all hoping we pass our presentation without actually passing out.
  5. Our history books are inaccurate. It's my own job to learn history the way it really happened.
    World war 1 was not based on militarism,alliances, imperialism, nationalism and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Every war is based on greed, school didn't teach me that.
  6. Any boy you think is hot in high school is not
    Am I really supposed to be "wooed" by greasy hair and basket ball shorts??