1. Being so hopeful towards anything
    Build an entire ice castle in only one recess? Bring it on!!
  2. The church trips for kids from grade 3-6
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    Those trips held some of the greatest inside jokes my friends and I still have to this day. We still go to the same trips our church hosts just for the youth, but sometimes being younger and dumber was just more fun. I still have all the same best friends to this day but I lost a couple of them, for no other reason than people drift apart sometimes.
  3. Nevermind I do not miss that
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  4. Christmas was just a really fun time
    As much as I really don't want to admit it, sometimes Christmas doesn't feel the way it should. There was this real hope towards Santa and Jack Frost. I still like to hold on to those beliefs, I'm not sure whether I still "believe" in Santa because I have a childlike sense of hope or because it's one of the last things that connect me to my childhood.
  5. Going to Springridge farm
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    This place is a family farm that you could go to all year round, the best times to visit were Christmas and Easter. We used to bake and make stuff and run around the obstacle fields.The place is still in business today but it's not as fun as it used to be because they no longer have those same activities.
  6. My pool parties
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    I still host the same pool parties every summer, but my pool parties in my middle school years were a lot more fun. Most of the inside jokes my friends and I share come from those days.
  7. Thinking the fourth floor of my church was haunted
    In the third grade my friends and I would go in the elevator and press the button to the fourth floor crying and laughing on our way up. We were so scared yet so excited to always do this. We thought that this floor was haunted since it was always dark and mostly empty. But I grew up, and now the fourth floor is furnished. And now this floor is all that it is. Just another floor.
  8. Not being able to sleep the night before a class field trip.
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    Everything just seemed more exciting and I never wanted to sleep. It felt like I had the time to do things, like staying up late to read my favourite book under the covers when it was past my bed time. Life was slow and the times were a lot simpler.
  9. My old house
    I've lived in my current house it's been 7 years. But my old house holds more memories then I feel like this house ever could. It's a nice house and everything, but the old house was where Christmas felt real, where I learned the news that I'll have a new baby sister and where my dad would take my sisters and I to the park with our bikes.
  10. Thinking Keough Novak was real.
    @bjnovak @keonovak please tell me I'm wrong and that you are "real-real". I've never felt so betrayed.
  11. Even though there are many things that I miss I know for a fact that nostalgic memories will hold me back from living in the world that is now. I'm young and there will be more things to miss some other day.