1. β€’
    When old people call this generation "lost"
    Lol at least we didn't ruin the economy and start wars?
  2. β€’
    When you forget your umbrella and you're soaking wet for the rest of the day
  3. β€’
    The secretaries at my school
    They're the kind of people you know have no friends
  4. β€’
    When university costs 20+ thousand dollars per year
  5. β€’
    Passive aggressive grandmas
    Why so quick to judge but so slow to walk
  6. β€’
    When the school decides to shut down the wifi for the rest of the day
    How convenient!! πŸ˜€
  7. β€’
    When your physics teacher doesn't understand what he's teaching
    It's great!
  8. β€’
    When you almost slip on the floor because of a piece of weave
    The janitors at my school are on a strike so this is my life now