1. Follow your dreams
  2. Seize every moment, or you may just regret it later
  3. Got money problems?
    Declare bankruptcy.
  4. Sometimes you just gotta wing it
  5. Sometimes you just gotta fight corporate
    Even if it means starting your own paper company.
  6. It is never too early for ice cream
  7. Be honest.
  8. Or maybe just don't.
  9. Live life in the moment
  10. Because life isn't long enough
    So act fast. @JennaFischer
  11. Look out for one another
  12. Mo' money mo' problems
  13. Make things count
    Even if it means waiting 364 days for Pretzel Day.
  14. It's important to know your history
  15. If your boyfriend breaks up with you resort to faking a pregnancy
    No big deal. @mindy
  16. Inspire others
  17. You don't have to spend a lot to get a good gift for someone
  18. Because the greatest gifts come from the heart
  19. Put yourself in other people's shoes
  20. This was the greatest thing ever
  21. It's nice to win one
    “After Stacey left, things did not go well for a while and it was hard to see… it’s just nice to win one.”
  22. Avoid lawsuits by all costs
  23. Think twice before doing something questionable
  24. Be loyal.
  25. Never accept defeat.
    Life's tough. Don't let it get to you.
  26. The greatest things in life will come to those who wait.
  27. But you have to always keep in mind to never ever ever give up.
  28. Wikipedia is a reliable source
  29. Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going through the day
  30. Sometimes you just gotta simulate a fire to teach people a lesson.
  31. Soul mates exist
  32. As do soup snakes
  33. If you ever feel uninvited just remember the episode where Dwight and Michael went to a house party 3 hours earlier with rotten mayonnaise potato salad and Dwight inspecting the place the entire time.
  34. Don't start a fire in a workplace
  35. To be continued. But for now..