1. Follow your dreams
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  2. Seize every moment, or you may just regret it later
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  3. Got money problems?
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    Declare bankruptcy.
  4. Sometimes you just gotta wing it
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  5. Sometimes you just gotta fight corporate
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    Even if it means starting your own paper company.
  6. It is never too early for ice cream
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  7. Be honest.
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  8. Or maybe just don't.
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  9. Live life in the moment
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  10. Because life isn't long enough
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    So act fast. @JennaFischer
  11. Look out for one another
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  12. Mo' money mo' problems
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  13. Make things count
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    Even if it means waiting 364 days for Pretzel Day.
  14. It's important to know your history
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  15. If your boyfriend breaks up with you resort to faking a pregnancy
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    No big deal. @mindy
  16. Inspire others
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  17. You don't have to spend a lot to get a good gift for someone
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  18. Because the greatest gifts come from the heart
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  19. Put yourself in other people's shoes
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  20. This was the greatest thing ever
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  21. It's nice to win one
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    “After Stacey left, things did not go well for a while and it was hard to see… it’s just nice to win one.”
  22. Avoid lawsuits by all costs
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  23. Think twice before doing something questionable
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  24. Be loyal.
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  25. Never accept defeat.
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    Life's tough. Don't let it get to you.
  26. The greatest things in life will come to those who wait.
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  27. But you have to always keep in mind to never ever ever give up.
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  28. Wikipedia is a reliable source
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  29. Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going through the day
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  30. Sometimes you just gotta simulate a fire to teach people a lesson.
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  31. Soul mates exist
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  32. As do soup snakes
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  33. If you ever feel uninvited just remember the episode where Dwight and Michael went to a house party 3 hours earlier with rotten mayonnaise potato salad and Dwight inspecting the place the entire time.
  34. Don't start a fire in a workplace
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  35. To be continued. But for now..
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