1. My teacher was strict on me and that was a good thing.
    How else could I do a double pirouette on pointe if I didn't have someone to yell at me every time I sickled my foot.
  2. If you don't know what you're doing, use your sneaky eye and copy the person next to you.
    I use this in my everyday life as well. It's basically looking at what someone else is doing only with your eyes, not with your entire head. Or else it'll be obvious.
  3. Point your feet! Point! Your! Feet!
  4. Never give up
    Pointe is hard, so is life. If you give up you'll never really know what you're capable of doing. It's not much, but believe me, it's at least something.
  5. If you can do a pirouette on pointe, you can do anything.
  6. Patience
    Ballet taught the other girls in my class to have patience... I'm the reason why we had to repeat dances sometimes.
  7. Poise and elegance
    In theory, it should've taught me those things.