5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

Here is some insight into my camera roll. (I accidentally did 6)
  1. A dog in a 7/Eleven parking lot.
    I was amazed at how majestic this dog was.
  2. A toilet at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany.
    I went to Italy with my school this spring break and we had a layover in Frankfurt. My sister wanted to see if the toilets were any different. (they're only louder than Canadian toilets)
  3. A snapchat my sister @tiupps sent me from a party.
    She gets sleepy when she's drunk and I thought this was hilarious.
  4. A rain garden I planted at my school.
    I'm in an environmental studies course and we finally got the funding to build a raingarden at our school. We planted 600 plants in two days!!
  5. A selfie from the first time I got drunk.
    My friends and I are absolutely plastered in this picture. It was taken on a disposable camera idk why.
  6. My friend Jaden and I in Orvieto, Italy.
    My hand is very embarrassingly hovering over her shoulder instead of actually touching it.