Reasons I've Period-Cried This Week

Originally done by @tiupps
  1. I saw guide dog and knew I couldn't pet it because that's disrespectful
    It was a puppy who was going through training. So pure, so adorable.
  2. All the bagels in the house went mouldy
  3. I saw my sister in her grad dress for the first time and realized that we aren't the same little girls who used to share a bunk bed anymore.
  4. I started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and cried when her backpack got stolen
    It had all her money and her secret Santa present in it!!
  5. Halfway through my walk to school I realized there was two huge stains on my sweatpants and just broke down crying
  6. I reread chapter 11 of The Kite Runner
    I brought that one upon myself
  7. Watched the episode of The Office where Jim and Pam get married and was in awe of how two people could love each other so much
    Once again, brought that upon myself
  8. Saw part of a documentary on global warming in my environmental studies class and got so angry I cried
    We are killing this planet!! Why doesn't anyone care!!
  9. A personality quiz told me I was an idealist
    I mean it's true but you don't need to bring it up
  10. My brother ate all the hummus I just made
    I bawled