What would I do without you?

My sister lives in Montréal for university, so for a good chunk of the year the only way we communicate is through the occasional phone/video call. In the time between visits I have yet to find someone who I feel comfortable enough around/who will let me do these things in front of them.
  1. Show off my new "dance moves"
    I can't dance. Me "dancing" is just a lot of arm flailing and weird hip movements, but Tyra always watches and laughs.
  2. Reanact John Mulaneys entire stand up act
    She lets me perform his comedy specials "New in Town" and "The Comeback Kid" all the time and doesn't even complain when I screw up the jokes.
  3. Describe my sleep paralysis in vivid detail
    I think she's actually interested in it!! It is so relieving to have someone to tell my dreams to who won't freak out!!
  4. Gush about how much I love weddings
    I do think she gets a little annoyed with this one, but she is so nice and accepting of how annoyingly into romance I am.
  5. Retell what happened during my day in a longwinded, incredibly boring way
    Oh my god, I go on for literally hours about really boring, insignificant details. I only do this with her, but it's so nice not to feel rushed or pressured to be concise. She really listens. I love her.
  6. Complain about people from school with no filter
    You can never truly complain about a friend with another friend. But with a sister, nothing is off limits. I never realize how much I need her until I'm in the middle of complaining about how mean people are and think "wow I would go crazy without her."
  7. Cry
    No matter what it is about, she lets me feel whatever it is im feeling. She lets me experience all my emotions, she even encourages it! With her I can sob about the most trivial things and be as sensitive as I want, and never has she ever judged me or been dismissive.
  8. Casually describe a panic attack
    Everybody else gets uncomfortable. I don't know if it's because I've lived with her my whole life and she's just used to it, but she doesn't treat me like a weirdo which I really appreciate.
  9. Laugh
    I mean I laugh with friends, but it never feels 100% genuine. There is nothing in this world that compares to the joy I feel when I laugh with my sister.