1. I'm anxious
  2. I'm an optimistic pessimist
  3. Cheese is life
  4. But I'm lactose intolerant
  5. I eat it anyway.
  6. I have ten tattoos
  7. I'm not addicted
  8. I love animals
  9. I cry about everything; happy, sad, angry, you name it I'll probably cry about it.
  10. The office is my favorite tv show.
  11. I can watch it over and over. In fact I do.
  12. When I'm sad it's the medicine. Feeling sad? Four episodes of the office for you.
  13. Mindy Kaling is my Hero
  14. I am a writer
  15. I love talking about myself.
  16. But I lack confidence.
  17. That's about it.