It's v exciting guys
  1. Cleaning
  2. Washing car
  3. Napping with kittens
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  4. Burning an egg
  5. Lighting a volcano candle to rectify burnt egg smell
  6. Figure skating duh
  7. Being an AMAZING car singer DUH
  8. Just only one emotional meltdown
  9. Writing about feels
  10. Pushing away feels with Kristen wiig videos
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  11. Boston tea party cc @Debby @stephen @waffles
  12. Just kind of forgetting and leaving the Prius thing on for it to die or explode or be taken by a Prius C thief yet none of those things happened bc I'm v talented at adulthood
  13. And what kind of J day would be complete without spilling coffee all over your perfect self
    I know guys, it's hard but jealousy is normal. It's-Kay