1. Naps are important. No matter how desperately placed and timed they are
  2. People can't fill that empty lonely void in you. Only you can in finding worth in yourself.
  3. Follow that dream, follow it now and trust that the "how" will present itself on a need to know basis.
  4. Don't play Adele unless you're absolutely certain you can handle that magnitude of feels for the day.
  5. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is necessary
  6. Just because someone doesn't validate the clarity you have over your life, does not mean that you should edit your gut instinct to please them.
  7. You need to find people that love as hard as you do.
  8. Sometimes really terrible, brain cell killing, reality tv is the most therapeutic thing you can do for yourself.
  9. There's a thing called life people. And they're important.
  10. Get a record player.
  11. Forgive your heart for the stupid things it does without your permission
  12. If your mind is loud, clean up your house. Don't ask-- it just works, ok?
  13. You either make yourself miserable or you make yourself strong. The amount of work is the same.
  14. The ones who love you, will accept you- even if they don't understand you.
  15. When you're poor, there's tons of healthy frozen $2 deals at ralphs-- leave that McDonald's shit alone.
  16. Go out of your way to see the world differently.
  17. The honest to God hardest moments in life somehow are the most important in helping you become your best self.
  18. Drink water. You don't want to end up over exhausted and dehydrated and borderline hospital throwing up every 20 minutes at work not like that's ever ever happened to me before or last week ever, no way.
  19. Don't be too fing proud to say "hey guys, I can't work or move or think. Maybe I need to go to the hospital for an IV to hydrate and to stop throwing up and whatnot"... It's more embarrassing to die whilst throwing up in a Guess bathroom in a Marciano dress and such. *gestures tipping of scale of embarrassment with two hands*
  20. You need that one friend that loves you enough to say "j, I love the highlights but you need a tan."
  21. Read eat pray love. Trust.
  22. When your efforts and control are failing and stressing you out, back off, give it up and trust. -- magical things happen.. and if they don't then that thing wasn't meant to be.
  23. Don't let everyone in on your vulnerable heart. You only need one or two of those max.
  24. Seek light. Even when you're a droopy, trampled mess of a plant. Sunflowers grow toward the light and so do you. Just try to look up, and you'll eventually grow that way.
  25. Good can come out of anything. No matter how together you have it, sometimes you just royally fuck up. And there's nothing you should do but own it. Own it and learn.
  26. Don't allow life to harden you. Nothing is too hard, no low is too low. No person is too hurtful to rob you of the gift of loving and giving to others.
  27. Go to yoga. All the magical spiritual voodoo healing of the emotionals in there.
  28. When yoga fails, your only other option is a bit of Tito's. What? judge me.
  29. Learn how to lose people without losing yourself. Somehow you made it before you met them, somehow you'll survive after them. Heal your heart with the ones who stay.
  30. God doesn't waste pain.
  31. You are enough.
  32. Be vegan but eat the pizza too if you need to. It will be ok. I won't tell anyone....
  33. Some days don't seem to have a deep life lesson, they just fucking suck and its ok. Somehow they still count toward the big picture. But its fine to just hate them either way.
  34. If there's no one left, then there's only room for the good ones to come at the right time. In the meantime, romance yourself. Go to the beach, binge watch Netflix, travel! You will never regret travel so make it happen. Taking care of you makes you a better one for the life people to come
  35. Binge watch Iyanla Vanzant on YouTube
  36. Kindness is never overrated. Sprinkle that shit like confetti.
  37. Decide what you want for 2016, decide no obstacle is too large and handle it.