1. So, what ARE you??
    Translation: "What is your ethnic background?" I've decided that the ambiguity of my features makes me more exotic, and so although people can be weird/rude about it, I tend to take these inquiries as a compliment. Ethnicities people have guessed I am so far: Hawaiian, Jewish, 1/2 black-1/2 white, Italian, Spanish, "mixed" in a general sense, just a tan white person, and my all-time favorite: "definitely NOT Mexican." I am Mexican.
  2. You're too good for me
    *barf* I've been getting this one since grade school. And I get it… I work hard in school, I don't party hard, I'm nice, and apparently that can be intimidating. But the amount of people that have used this against me to (1) NOT include me in things, (2) not even attempt a relationship with me, and (3) suddenly quit our friendship because they think I'm judging them (I'm not), is enough to fill a short bus.
  3. You're, like 16, right?
    I'm not. I'm 26, just about 27. I can never tell if I should be happy I look this young, or worried that I might behave far behind my years??