About me :) if you're interested...
  1. I have one dog named Lava
    Found her at a rescue place in Redlands, Ca and it has been one of the greatest decisions of my life adopting her. She's like me in quite a few ways and it's weird how that worked out but I don't know where I'd be without her.
  2. I'm a librarian.
    So yes I love books and reading and all other things bookish.
  3. There are few movies I can say I really don't like.
    I usually just always say "I enjoyed it."
  4. Tremors is one of my all time favorite movies.
    I'm kinda a big Kevin Bacon fan.
  5. Actually I'm fond of a few Kevins in movies and TV: Kevin Bacon, Kevin Spacey, Kevin Costner, Kevin Kline
  6. I love swimming and yoga. I'm not super great at yoga but I like it nonetheless.
    I tried the hot yoga a few times - yeah it's rough. I'll just stick to basic yoga.
  7. I love the beach.
    Although I can't go in California waters - I break out in hives. So it's Hawaii waters for me!
  8. Over NOT under.
    Hopefully you know what I mean.
  9. I get cold very easily.
    Those handy hand warmers you find at Target for like a buck are gold!
  10. Anything else you want to know...just ask!