That you need to listen to... Right now. I mean it, get your phone out and listen to some of these fucking amazing podcasts.
  1. MarsCorp
    Set in, you guessed it, Mars! E.L. Hob gets woken up only to discover that she has been woken up over 400 years late. Weird things are happening and its up to her as station supervisor to make sure MarsCorp keeps running. Really great comedy one.
  2. Darkest Night
    Listen to this one. Do it right now. The stories are creepy AF but they are so worth it. Plus Lee Pace narrates it and it's just pure magic.
  3. Spirits
    A nonfiction one where Amanda and Julia drink and discuss various characters, myths and legends.
  4. Mabel
    The beeping, I'll admit, is a bit annoying but this is another fun and creepy one! Anna is trying to get a hold of Mabel through a series of voicemails after things start to get weird while Anna is staying with Mabel's grandmother as her caretaker.
  5. LifeAfter
    Ross lost his wife 8 months ago and listens to her voice posts on an audio social media site. He knows the recordings by heart but one day they change...
  6. The Box Podcast
    Addison finds a box filled with journals with stories that just can't be real. Or are they????