My trip to Seattle!

Been too long since I've posted a list. But here are some photos from my trip to Seattle. Didn't get to do all the things that were suggested to me in my previous list (thanks everyone for all the great suggestions btw) but we still had a fun family vacation.
  1. Underground Tour
    Really neat tour of underground Seattle! The tour guide was great and we got to see some cool things like this skylight! It looks like a piece of art in the concrete and it was so neat to have stood above it and then go below it! If you get a chance to do an Underground Tour in Seattle - do it.
  2. Red floor in the Seattle Public Library
    Super creepy and totally got The Shining vibes from this floor in the Seattle Public Library (which is beautiful!). That whole floor is red, the walls, the ceiling of it, the doors, creepy AF. Hahaha.
  3. Outside the library
    Did I mention this building is beautiful? The entire building looks like this on the outside. And it was so quiet inside. Plus it's like 9/10 floors (I think it was 10).
  4. Space needle of course
    Didn't think I would like it as much as I did but it was pretty awesome and the view from up there was amazing.
  5. View 1
    So peaceful.
  6. View 2
    I took a lot of pics from up there, but I figured I'd just share these two
  7. The Fremont Troll!
    It's a shame that people graffiti the troll but it is still a really cool piece of art. And who doesn't want to visit a troll under a bridge?!
  8. Elliott Bay Books
    A beautiful bookstore that we visited after finding the troll. So many bookstores in & around Seattle - it's amazing.
  9. Pike's Place Market
    A little crowded for my taste but still awesome to have experienced it!
  10. The First Starbucks!
    Only had to wait like 20 minutes to get in and got a sweet mug.
  11. Pike Place Fishing Co.
    So I knew about this place from watching a video of them for a work orientation and it was exciting to see them in action. My sister even got them to throw around a fish!
  12. Discovery Park #1
    So I wanted to be out in nature and convinced my family to go to Discovery Park. It was a beautiful day and so nice to see a large body of water lol. Also these stairs were incredibly painful to climb back up on the way back to the car. Longest walk back ever.
  13. Discovery Park #2
    Pretty proud of this picture lol. I even turned it into a puzzle on If you haven't heard of Jigidi - check it out. It'll ruin your life if you like puzzles hahaha.
  14. Discovery Park #3
    Just another fun shot in the park.
  15. Duke's Chowder House
    This place was so good! The clam chowder was awesome here. I'm sure there are other places just as good if not better, but for us, this was probably our favorite for the trip.
  16. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to have a family vacation. It's been a while since all five of us had been able to go anywhere big together. Thanks again for all the suggestions on my last list, I wish I had been able to do it all.