Photos From My Travels

Not that I've gone very far...but here are some pics still on my phone (in no particular order)
  1. A book tower! I want one. Like in my bedroom. Saw this one while on a brief work trip to the Grace Mellman Community Library in Temecula.
  2. This was in October of last year and I am still raving about it! You guys....I visited Hogwarts! Orlando. Still pretty sweet trip for my first time to the East Coast. What a weekend that was...
  3. One of the few beach like areas on the Big Island (Hawaii) that we visited. *Sigh* I need a vacation....
  4. On the way back during our 6 mile hike (to Lake Cahuila and back), we ran into this guy! He was about 30 feet away!
  5. The lovely A.K. Smiley Public Library in Redlands, CA. I wish I'd had more time to visit when I was an undergrad at the U of R. Stopped by here after a work conference.
  6. And that's it for, I gotta travel more!