Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts!

I have so many to start listening to but here are some of my favorites so far:
  1. King Falls AM
    It's a comedy podcast about two guys who run the 2:00-6:00AM hours on King Falls AM and they're voices are like butter. I could just listen to them all day. Anyways, weird things happen and towns folk call in...it's awesome. Just listen to it.
  2. The Black Tapes
    A podcaster and her producer explore the mystery of a set of black VHS tapes that have captured possibly paranormal events. Weirdness and conspiracy occurs!
  3. Alice Isn't Dead
    From the makers of Welcome To Nightvale. It follows the narrator who talks over her truck's radio as she searches for her wife, Alice. She encounters strange people on the way (of course) and even runs into some dangerous situations. Quick episodes and the first season just wrapped up!
  4. Lore
    Aaron Mahnke is the writer, creator and producer of this nonfiction podcast. Listen as he explores "true life scary stories." It's so good and these episodes aren't too long either. Check this one out stat!
  5. Podcasts got me like...