A thousand apologies to @ChristaBullock - I forgot what address I put down for this and I've been shuffled between two libraries since the beginning of December so I haven't had a chance to get to the Post Office which is of course the address I put down for this Secret Santa. I feel so stupid and I really do apologize for not getting this sooner.
  1. But here are my gifts and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
  2. 1. Foot warmers! (I'm always cold so these things are perfect to have in my boots/slippers!
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  3. 2. Reeses!!! Yes! nom nom nom...I've already devoured them.
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  4. 3. Apple Cinnamon Crisp Candle - mmmmmm I love apple pies, crisps, anything baked with apples in it. and this candle smells sooo good!
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  5. 4. Zingers dog toy! So thoughtful and my dog is going to love this!
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  6. 5. Chelsea Handler book - I've never read any of her books so I am excited to get into this one!
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  7. 6. Book earrings! These are the COOLEST! Great idea @christa and thanks @CharlieC
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  8. 7. Jim's Bakery cake - now here is the part where I am completely kicking myself for not getting to my P.O. Box sooner.
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    @ChristaBullock took the time to go get me my FAVORITE cake and I let it go bad because I'm dumb and didn't get to my P.O. Box on time. FYI - I am paying you back for this and then some so expect a package from me soon! This was a super thoughtful gesture and I'm so mad at myself that I did not get to enjoy this cake.
  9. 8. And thanks to @ChrisK for setting this whole amazing List App Secret Santa up!
  10. I really am sorry for getting to this so late. You were so thoughtful with all these gifts, I can't say sorry enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you @ChristaBullock !!! And truly I am paying you back for the cake :)