Super Late Secret Santa Unwrapping

A thousand apologies to @ChristaBullock - I forgot what address I put down for this and I've been shuffled between two libraries since the beginning of December so I haven't had a chance to get to the Post Office which is of course the address I put down for this Secret Santa. I feel so stupid and I really do apologize for not getting this sooner.
  1. But here are my gifts and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
  2. 1. Foot warmers! (I'm always cold so these things are perfect to have in my boots/slippers!
  3. 2. Reeses!!! Yes! nom nom nom...I've already devoured them.
  4. 3. Apple Cinnamon Crisp Candle - mmmmmm I love apple pies, crisps, anything baked with apples in it. and this candle smells sooo good!
  5. 4. Zingers dog toy! So thoughtful and my dog is going to love this!
  6. 5. Chelsea Handler book - I've never read any of her books so I am excited to get into this one!
  7. 6. Book earrings! These are the COOLEST! Great idea @christa and thanks @CharlieC
  8. 7. Jim's Bakery cake - now here is the part where I am completely kicking myself for not getting to my P.O. Box sooner.
    @ChristaBullock took the time to go get me my FAVORITE cake and I let it go bad because I'm dumb and didn't get to my P.O. Box on time. FYI - I am paying you back for this and then some so expect a package from me soon! This was a super thoughtful gesture and I'm so mad at myself that I did not get to enjoy this cake.
  9. 8. And thanks to @ChrisK for setting this whole amazing List App Secret Santa up!
  10. I really am sorry for getting to this so late. You were so thoughtful with all these gifts, I can't say sorry enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you @ChristaBullock !!! And truly I am paying you back for the cake :)