This is a suggested list to make and I don't have any ideas for actual lists to make yet so here are some good tunes
  1. Rent I Pay by Spoon
    i was listening to this while driving and started tapping my foot subconciously and almost died but this is still so good
  2. First by Cold War Kids
    i feel like this is in at least one android commercial. or will be soon. would put money on it.
  3. You Will Leave A Mark by A Silent Film
    this is in at least one offbrand indie movie. or will be soon. would place money on it.
  4. Gen Strange by Peace
  5. Thread By Saint Raymond
    this has literally the ugliest album art in the world so ignore that but it still bumps so hard
  6. Halfway Home by Tribes
    don't listen to this in the car at night or you'll cry probably if you have a soul
  7. Still by The Japanese House
    I have nothing nice to say because i'm mad they aren't on the 1975s american tour leg.
  8. All The Wrong Places by The Jungle Giants
    The last time i fell in love with a tiny band from nowhere australia they took over the entire world so I have high hopes for these guys (and gal)
  9. Sleeping Lessons by The Shins
    this isnt even a current favorite somg this is an all time favorite song this is an everything favorite this is inbetween cold pizza and harry styles at the 2013 vmas on my list of best things in the world
  10. Matthew James by Bad Suns
    I still can't tell half of what Christo is saying but i go so hard to the OH OH OHOH OH OH OH OHHHHH part
  11. Kiss The Breeze by Sticky Fingers
    I can only decipher like three words in this and it puts me to sleep but in a good way. 9.7/10.