1. Name: Iseul (pronounced eisel)
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    Breed: Pembroke Welsh corgi
  2. She's always happy.
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  3. Some say she's fat
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    I say she's full of joy
  4. Yes. She sleeps like this.
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  5. ...everyday
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  6. She's ready for anything
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  7. Except snow...If it gets any higher than 6 inches...she gets stuck
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    Her legs are just too short
  8. She hates getting brushed..but ultimately gives in
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  9. She farts in your room and walks right out
  10. She knows "bang"
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  11. She's always patient
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  12. Of course she's got the butt
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  13. She sleeps.. A lot...
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  14. She also runs into screen doors. Breaks through then looks at you like this.
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  15. Corgis are awesome.