Why My Corgi Is the Best

  1. Name: Iseul (pronounced eisel)
    Breed: Pembroke Welsh corgi
  2. She's always happy.
  3. Some say she's fat
    I say she's full of joy
  4. Yes. She sleeps like this.
  5. ...everyday
  6. She's ready for anything
  7. Except snow...If it gets any higher than 6 inches...she gets stuck
    Her legs are just too short
  8. She hates getting brushed..but ultimately gives in
  9. She farts in your room and walks right out
  10. She knows "bang"
  11. She's always patient
  12. Of course she's got the butt
  13. She sleeps.. A lot...
  14. She also runs into screen doors. Breaks through then looks at you like this.
  15. Corgis are awesome.