I don't really understand where one ambition led to another.
  1. A neurosurgeon. Where often kids would just say 'doctor,' I had to be very specific. When I told my father, he said, 'That's good. You can fix your mom's head.' They've been separated since 1996.
  2. An obstetrician-gynecologist, mainly and only because I was fascinated by the development diagram of an unborn fetus in its mother's womb. Now, the thought is nauseous.
  3. An astronomer. No, not an astronaut. I already knew I didn't have the constitution or mental stability to float around in space, but I was all about studying astronomical phenomena. I had once memorized the distances of the planets from the sun, but was really quite unaffected when Pluto was ousted. I had since clearly changed my ambitions.
  4. A lawyer. I loved to argue. A short-lived dream that died when I had my fill of lifeless introductory law classes and realized I would just sooner punch someone in the mouth to finish an argument.
  5. An editor, which I am now, thank goodness, though I never thought it would be of a fashion magazine. When a thesis advisor suggested I work in fashion publishing, I scoffed, thinking it beneath me. Look where I am now!