You know those people that you feel weird not gifting, but also weird if you don't acknowledge at all? But them one of these:
  1. Cards! Rifle paper co makes cute ones and you can buy a pack of multiples to share heart felt messages with lots of people. "Because Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel"
  2. Socks because who doesn't love warm feet. Now I'm not say a 12 pack of white ones from target... Go for something cute and stylish like j. crew, madewell, Nordstrom or even Gap. Maybe get a novelty pair that relates to an inside joke.
  3. Candles. Girls. Love. Candles. And now they have great whiskey/evergreen/musk scented ones for guys too. If your not sure what they are into just buy the world's most popular and best smelling candle ever (disclaimer: this is my opinion) Blue Capri's volcano candle. Literally heaven 👼🏻
  4. For you fun / trendy / internet-savvy friend novelty pins are awesome. Sites like shop bando and Valley Cruise Press, not to mention etsy have tons of great pins. Bonus points if you can find one relating to a favorite thing of theirs or story they told you. Small and inexpensive but shows you listen to them.
  5. Small print or piece of artwork: if you feel that you know the person well enough to understand their taste a small decorative piece for their space can be a great gesture. I have a lot of road trip friends so I'll occasionally print and matte a small photograph I took as a reminder of the trip.
  6. FOOD when in doubt just go with this. Chocolates or bread or fancy lemon curd or even just some treats from that artisanal bakery you talk about all the time. People love it. Plus they don't feel too much pressure it they didn't get you something because it's not a permanent thing. And if their tum tum is happy you will be happy.