Reasons my neighbor sits on his porch all day...

Our neighbor sits on his porch with a MacBook ALL DAY. For hours. Regardless of weather, day of week, or time of day. Why?
  1. He's stealing wifi.
    Is this still a thing? Do people not have passwords? Couldn't he steal just as easily on the other side of the door inside his?
  2. He needs to smoke while online and his roommates don't like smoke.
    However I've never seen him smoking.
  3. He's embarrassed about what he is doing on the computer and doesn't want his roommates to see.
    But doesn't care if the whole neighborhood sees.
  4. He needs inspiration from squirrels and wildlife to do whatever it is he is doing on the computer.
  5. His roommates are making meth or something and he wants no part of this.
  6. He's stealing wifi. It almost has to be this doesn't it?