Simple pleasures of a creative introvert
  1. New art supplies.
    Especially a fat stack of fresh white paper and a fine tip pen
  2. A paperback novel of the perfect weight
    So when it site in your hands it opens just right without any fussing or page wrestling.
  3. Warm Bread with real butter and Kosher salt
    I have absolutely no resistance to bread fresh out of the oven.. Unless it's rue or sourdough. Then you can keep your bread. Blech
  4. A couch with a blanket.
    Upon being invited to your house this is the first place I will go. If a blanket is present so I can curl up to talk with you then it will be a while before I move.
  5. That first sip of coffee in the morning
    Good lord... I get tears in my eyes when that sweet caffeine hits my mouth for the first jolt of the day. Sheer joy I tell you
  6. Cats
    Did I lose you at cats?