1. Eat dinner at a table
    Good ol' fashioned family-style.
  2. Meditate
    Mental health is important too, friends.
  3. Catch up with Facebook friends
    It's hard enough sympathizing with someone when you 'like' a status that really shouldn't be liked.
  4. Take photos
    That snapchat you didn't save may or may not have been the wisest thing you've done. But imagine opening a snapchat you took 30 years ago.
  5. Buy gifts in advance
    Being prepared for birthdays and for Christmas a year early so you aren't 30 minutes late to the party because you had to stop at Walgreens to demonstrate the true meaning of 'it's the thought that counts bud!'
  6. Drink water
    Except in California.
  7. Make lists
    I'm getting the hang of this!
  8. Win small pot lotteries
    Imagine turning this into a career.
  9. Smile at passers by
    You never know what a smile can do.
  10. Charge my phone
    I'm afraid I won't be able to fi-