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  1. All Quiet on the Western Front
    I will cry every time I read it too. The greatest war novel of all time
  2. The entire Harry Potter Series
    You just have to reread them every five years or so
  3. A Song for Summer
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this is essentially the famous people I want to be friends with in real life, and Twitter friendship would take away a couple degrees of separation
  1. Zachary Levi
    The charming TV star who can also sing and is a self-proclaimed nerd would be a great twitter friend
  2. Allison Janney
    Mostly because I love her in The West Wing... And would love to be her friend
  3. Lin Manuel Miranda
    He's a god of the theatre and really active on Twitter. And look at that hair
  4. Joss Whedon
    Another genius
  1. Standing still..
    Not promising on the accuracy front
  2. Awkwardly dancing in the lobby
  3. Doing a scene change during a children's show
  4. Cleaning a toilet..
  1. The West Wing
    I laugh and cry in every episode, and have you seen who's in the cast?
  2. NUMB3RS
    Solving crimes with math is every nerd's dream
  3. Modern Family
    The show that makes you realize that your own family is perfectly normal.
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