I've been thinking about the RomCom recently, here's what came of it. Sort of a draft when the whole meeting your significant other was a thing
  1. Driving with him from college to New York
    Not the age when this is likely.
  2. Buying a VCR
    Or even a DVD player. Buying anything from a person with the internet being what it is.
  3. At my mother's wedding
    I doubt my mother would remarry just so I could meet a man.
  4. In a chat room where I went on a lark.
    Larks happen I just don't think this is likely. Are chat rooms a thing still? Is this a chat room?
  5. While walking around Hollywood.
    Hollywood Blvd to be exact.
  6. After I hear him on the radio, I stalk him and pretend it's for an article I am writing.
    Don't really listen to call-in radio and I'm not a writer.
  7. While interviewing him for the article I will write about him.
    Still not a writer.
  8. While secretly investigating him for the article I will write.
    Again, not a writer.
  9. Writing an article about how to get a guy to dump you.
    Seriously, should I become a writer?
  10. Get pulled over by him.
    Likely because I drive fast. But I'm not into cops.