Thanks for the request @franksars this list started so innocently. Many words were chosen initially and in the final draft something came over me. I chose only lost words and I hope all of these words can make a comeback. I hope I can too 😉
  1. kexy adj. 1608 -1884
    Dry, brittle, withered. I used kexy a few times this fall. Kexy leaves. I'm hoping it becomes more popular. I think it could gain traction as a follow up to thirsty as the kids are using it. I am so thirsty, I'm kexy and that isn't sexy.
  2. lubency n 1623-1669
    Willingness or pleasure. "My lubency to help you in this matter will not be increased by your paltry bribes." My Update : "My lubency wasn't increased by his lackluster note."
  3. lambition n 1658-1800
    act of licking or lapping "The child's lambition of the ice cream was interrupted by gravity, the cruellest master." My Update : My date's lambition led to my lubency.
  4. mecography n. 1603-1890
    measurement of the dimensions and weight of body parts. "The condom company used mecography to obtain necessary data about its clientele." This definition is pretty perfect. Especially if you add dodrantal. dodrantal adj 1656 -1883 of nine inches in length "The male stripper's dodrantal instrument impressed the ladies greatly." This needs no update. Whoever writes the example sentences on this site clearly knows us word nerds are some horny people.
  5. diffibulate v 1656 -1656
    to unbutton; to unbuckle "He found it difficult to diffibulate her blouse using only one hand." Oh my it's like a porno.
  6. ecstasiate v 1823 -1957
    to go into an ecstasy; to cause to become ecstatic "The arrival of the boy-band ecstasiated the pre-teen throng." This word seems to be the most recent on the list, Last usage 1957. Where did this word go? Why can't we ecstasiate anymore?
  7. auturgy n 1651 -1656
    self-action; independent activity "The film director's legendary auturgy frustrated editors and producers alike." My Update: I'm all about auturgy now.
  8. panchymagogue n 1657 -1893
    medicine purging all the humours from the body "What you need is a good panchymagogue to get you back on your feet!" Is this code for sex or what?
  9. tudiculate v 1623 -1658
    To bruise or pound. To work as with a hammer. "He was brutally tudiculated by the bullies, so he started to work out." My Update : I feel like tudiculated shit after a night of drinking. (What did you think I was gonna say?)
  10. piladex n 1897 -1901
    game where an inflated bag is hit with hand to keep aloft across a table "From piladex to hacky-sack, pastimes involving hitting objects are known to all ages." One for the kids.
  11. Definitions, example sentences and word usage dates thanks to the website.
    This site isn't dirty. I am.