Inspired by @shanaz actually just all of her choices with the names of the people who worked so hard because I am always up for going deep on IMDb and I am waiting for my dinner.
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    Also did Indiana Jones, so she's awesome.
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    If I remember correctly Audrey wore Givenchy in this movie and the great Edith Head was 😤
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    I like her style in this pic
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    Beetlejuice designer also worked on ⬇️
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    Also did The Last Emperor and Restoration, which is the movie we had to watch in a fashion class I took when I had dreams of being a costume designer.
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    That's three right there
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    He looks familiar.
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    How did I not know this? She's awesome.
  21. I think this is it. I worked on this and some weren't being saved so let me know if I inadvertently left anyone off.