Inspired by @jeremysomething I don't cry a lot but
  1. Yesterday at my eyebrow waxing.
    Single tear trailed towards my ear and I thought I should really try to cry more.
  2. At that Ferris Bueller anniversary screening during Twist and Shout
    So many complicated emotions.
  3. Years ago I sat on my couch and thought of my dog who ran away when I was a kid and was found very far away from our home. Patches was found but died soon after because she ate rat poisoning.
    But I cried not because of my childhood dog was lost but because I tried to imagine what it must of been like to be that lost as a dog. A happy little dog that is just wandering the streets and then what, what that poor dog must have thought? Seriously just typing this makes me well up a little.
  4. Once, I was next to this old lady at a stop light, she was just sitting in her car waiting for the light to change.
    I just cried because, you know, could you even imagine what she has possibly gone through. I couldn't deal.
  5. When I was in fourth grade my best friend and I spent the entire weekend together after planning the Best Weekend Ever for weeks. We had so much fun. We did everything we wanted and then my dad came in and said I had to do my homework and my best friend had to leave.
    I sat at my Holly Hobby vanity and watched her walk home and cried. Cried because we had so much fun and now it was over. Cried because we will never have so much fun again. Cried all the existential tears a fourth grader could muster. I still remember the a lot specifics about that cry. Good Times.
  6. + All the tears to evade arrest
    Countless and necessary.